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AC Webb-Domestic-Commercial-Solar PV-FAQs-Suffolk-East Anglia
AC Webb-Domestic-Commercial-Solar PV-FAQs-Suffolk-East Anglia

Solar PV Installs - FAQs

Do I need planning permission for a Solar PV System?
In most cases no, unless the property is in a conservation area or it is a listed building. We advise that you check with your local planning authority before installing a system.

How much electricity will I generate?
For each 1KW of Solar PV installed this will generate approximately 800 units (KWh) of electricity per year.

Do I need a structural survey on my roof?
We provide a structural engineers report, for the roof structure to which the panels will be mounted, before any installation is carried out. This ensures that the roof will be able to support the additional loads without causing damage to the structure of the roof or the building.

Will a Solar PV System affect my building insurance?
You will need to inform your building insurance company that you have had a Solar PV installation installed. Failure to do so may affect your policy and any associated claims.

Will I have to arrange scaffolding to be installed?
We will provide all access equipment for the safe installation of the system. If scaffolding is required we employ a local reputable scaffolding contractor to carry this out on our behalf.

How do I apply to the Feed In Tariff (FIT) Scheme?
The installation will need to be carried out and certified by an MCS approved contractor. Once your installation is complete A.C. Webb will assist you in providing all of the relevant information to your current energy provider, to enable you to get the FIT for your system.

Do I need a special electricity meter?
You will require a generation meter to enable you to record the electricity generated for your FIT payment. This will be installed as part of the installation. Your energy provider may wish to upgrade your meter if necessary, which they would advise you of during the FIT application process.

What happens if I want to sell my property?
The Solar PV system and associated FIT is site based therefore, this would normally stay with the property and the FIT payments would be passed onto the new owner.

I have an existing Solar PV System, for which I am getting a higher tariff structure. I want to extend my system, so will I still get the higher tariff?
If your system has been installed for under 12 months you will be able to extend your system and still get the tariff to which you are being paid for the existing part of the system. If the system has been installed for more than 12 months the tariff will be set to the current tariff of 16p/KWh.

How much money will I save?
Each installation is different and is subject to several variations, but to give you an indication, below is an estimated example of what you could expect a typical system to generate and the potential savings that could be achieved, based upon a 4.0 KW PV array placed on a south facing roof with little or no shading at a roof angle of 30 degrees:

Electricity Generated

3433 Units (KWh)

Feed In Tariff @ 16p/KWh


Exported to Grid (50% of electricity generated @ 4.5p/KWh)


Saving on Electricity Bill (50% of electricity generated @ 12p/KWh)



Annual Benefit


Benefit over 20 Years



*Estimated Output Calculations based on SAP 2009 and PV module information


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